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The End of Community?

I ran into a fellow pastor the other day at Starbucks, hard at work.  I figured he was working on his sermon for next week, but instead he was working on his Facebook page.  To be more specific he was working on his list of friends.

blank-facebook-page-layout_699492“I am sorting them into lists, making sure that no one in my congregation sees anything political,” he said.  “Apparently we have some long time members who have decided to leave our church, not because of anything I have said in a sermon, but because of what I have posted on Facebook.  So I am sorting my lists, making sure no one in my church knows who I really am.”

It was a story that I am sure resonates with so many pastors. 

A friend in another city recently told me that she really didn’t want to know what her pastor thought.  “I really don’t want to know how my pastor feels about anything political.  I just want to come to church and hear the gospel.”

This isn’t a new problem.  The lectionary passage this Sunday is from I Corinthians 3, where Paul is bemoaning the fact that the early church had chosen up sides.  Now it just seems that it has gotten worse.  As technology has made it easier for us to form community, it is also dividing us into segments. 

So what does this mean for church, for community? So how is any pastor to preach “with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other?” 

As I walked out, I thought about the irony of my pastor friend.  This one who is called to form community is being forced to shut himself off from community in order to preserve community.  Is it even real? Is that what we want to incarnate in the church?  Is that what we have come to?

I wonder if I need to segregate my “friend list?”



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Welcome to Our World

I got home from work tonight and had a conversation with my family. Nothing really strange about that–except that Savannah and Anita are in Austin, TX, and Alison and James are in Beijing! Welcome to our world!
But wait, it gets better.
Anita and Savannah are heading out for Mexican food. I had Italian food (spaghetti) while watching Dr. Who! (A show from England)
Today I had conversation via Facebook with a friend in Australia.
I had an email conversation with someone from Columbia (the country) who needs help learning English. She lives in Charleston.
I wrote a blog about our trip to South Africa.
Other than Antarctica, I think we have covered the world today!
Which made me think about a conversation I had this morning about missions and ministry and evangelism. I covered the world today–and traveled about 45 miles total, and that included a trip to the hospital on the other side of town! How many opportunities are we missing just because we lack imagination.
What if you just mentioned something good that happened at church?
What if you posted a picture of a ministry you were involved in?
What if you Tweeted something you heard in a sermon, a Bible Study, something you heard God say to you?
There is no telling what impact it might have. It might just travel the world!

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