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Don’t Rock the Boat

That is the title for my sermon this week.  And amazingly it is already finished!  You really don’t know HOW rare that is, to be done this early in the week.

It was one of those weeks where reading the text really did change everything!  We know the text as Peter Walking on the Water.  You probably know the story–the disciples are out in the boat when a storm comes up and they are afraid they are going to die, but then Jesus comes walking up.  At least that is how I remembered the story, and that was where the sermon was heading, and that was the “stuff” I was looking for.


That isn’t what the story says.  So the sermon went a different direction.  Don’t you hate it when you have a good sermon and then you read the text!  And what am I to do with this wonderful story?

You put it on your Didn’t Make the Sermon Blog!

There is a wonderful Texas story about two little boys whose mother asked them to chase a chicken snake out of the henhouse. They looked everywhere for that snake, but couldn’t find it. The more they looked, the more afraid they got. Finally, they stood up on their tiptoes to look on the top nesting shelf and came nose to nose with the snake.

They fell all over themselves and one another running out of the chicken house. “Don’t you know a chicken snake won’t hurt you?” their mamma asked. “Yes, ma’am,” one of the boys answered, “but there are some things that will scare you so bad you’ll hurt yourself.”

Think about American society. The more fearful we become, the more likely we are to hurt ourselves in the process of protecting ourselves. Trust, civility, freedom are usually among the first casualties of fear. And what about our whole souls?  Fear marks so many human hearts.

Fear does mark so many hearts, doesn’t it?  Even though the most frequent phrase in the Bible is “Fear not!”  we are afraid.  We are afraid…and it limits us.

I know.  I woke up early early early this morning, before the sun had even thought about coming up.  Part of it was physical, but once awake the fear struck.  So I got up and went downstairs to discover this.safe_image

So my prayer today is that I will live my hopes, and not let my fears cause me to hurt myself or others!


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