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Wisdom from today? No! But For Today!

As the title says, there are some items that I come across that just don’t make the sermon.  They are goo0d, but they just don’t fit.  But they still need to be shared!

Here is one of those I came across last week.  They are from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and seem so appropriate for this political season.

15584“Folly is a more dangerous enemy to the good than evil.  One can protest against evil; it can be unmasked and, if need be, prevented by force.  Evil always carries the seeds of its own destruction, as it makes pool, at the least, uncomfortable.  Against folly we have no defense.  Neither protests nor force can touch it; reasoning is no use; facts that contradict personal prejudices can simply be disbelieved—indeed, the fool can counter by criticizing them, and if they are undeniable, they can just be pushed aside as trivial exceptions. 

So the fool, as distinct from the scoundrel, is completely self-satisfied; in fact he can easily become dangerous, as it does not make much to make him aggressive.  A fool must therefore be treated more cautiously than a scoundrel; we shall never again try to convince a fool by reason, for it is both useless and dangerous.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Letters and Papers from Prison.


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