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So Glad Lent is Over

I am so glad Lent is over!

My guess is there are a lot of people thinking that this week.  “At last life can get back to ‘normal.’  I can eat what I want, do what I want, not be so concerned with all this religious stuff!”  (Sorta misses the point don’t you think?  But that is another issue!)

I too am glad Lent is over!  But for a strange reason.  I get my morning devotional back!


Yep!  Since we returned from Bali I have found myself strangely drawn to a daily contemplative devotional podcast. has become the way I begin my day.  (Don Flowers—Jesuit devotional??? I know.  It surprises me as much as you!)

But for Lent, I gave it up.  Didn’t listen.  I was doing something different, something more modern, something that really is more me

And I found myself in the wilderness. 


Wanting, yearning for Lent to be over more than usual!

This morning I went back!  I reveled in the sound of the bells, the sining of the Monks of of the Abbey of Keur Moussa, whom I didn’t understand!  I heard the very scripture that I preached on Sunday and disagreed right off with the interpretation!

And got sucked into the question.  

What are you looking for?  Does it have anything to do with Jesus?

What are you looking for?  Not in the grocery aisle; not in your closet as you try to get dressed; not in that pile of papers on your desk where you now you put it last week!

In your life.  What are you looking for?  In the deepest part of you, in that place where you can barely speak of, what are you looking for?

When you think you have an answer, ask it again.  

Is that really what I am looking for? 

Or is there something deeper?

Something to think about today….forever….

I am glad Lent is over!


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