The Gravity of the Situation

sandra-bullock-s-gravity-set-to-kick-off-venice-film-festivalIt was a rainy Monday when Anita and I made the decision to go to the movies.  Scouring the paper we saw that Gravity 3D was playing close by–at a matinee!  Just what I needed on my day off–a flight of fantasy!

Little did I know that I would be shot into a spiritual void.  Sitting there eating my popcorn (you can’t go to the movie without buying overpriced popcorn!) on the edge of my seat I found myself becoming more and more worried about Sandra Bullock, but even more for those of us like her.

At the height of her crisis she cries out the line that kept haunting my soul,

“Nobody will pray for my soul,”I’ve never said a prayer in my life. Nobody ever taught me how.”

I just had to wonder, how many say the same thing day after day after day.

What does that say about us?

Are we teaching people to pray?

Who taught you to pray?

“One of his disciples said to him, Lord teach us to pray…”


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