Jesus and The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

It is a horrible thing to have the thought on Sunday morning, “I should have done this with the sermon!”  But that is what happened this morning.  (Truth be told it happens more than we would like to admit!)  I was going through my sermon in my head, thinking about the children’s sermon, wondering what to say about Jesus getting lost in the temple.

I could talk about getting lost (which is probably what I am going to do) but somehow had a flashback to being in the 4th

booksGrade.  I had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Upchurch.  After lunch everyday we would have story time.  I remember her reading  Charlotte’s Web (how we were pulling for Wilbur!) She also read to us the wonderful story of The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  It is the story of two children who run away from home and hide out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  To be honest, I don’t remember the entire story, but even now remember how they took baths in the fountain, and took coins that they used for food.

So this morning (this really does come together) I started wondering about 12 year old Jesus.  He was gone for 3 days in the temple.  There are all sorts of questions that came to my mind!

  • What did he eat?  Have you ever tried to feed a 12-year-old boy?  Where did he get all that food?  How did he pay for it?  Or is this a miracle that didn’t get recorded?
  • Where did he sleep?  Do you think he snuck back into the Holy of Holies to sleep in his Dad’s room?
  • What was going on with those elders?  Did they not become a bit suspicious about this kids who is hanging out at the temple and doesn’t seem to have anyone looking out for him?  Did they ask any questions?  Did they invite him home for the evening?

As you can imagine, none of this made my sermon this morning.  (You can read what the good people at Providence heard this morning here.)


Maybe in three years when this text shows up again….


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