Some Questions to Ponder

New Years can be a time to take stock of our lives, to ask some important questions. I came across a wonderful article about our worldview, how we interpret reality. ( It gives us a place to live, a perspective from which to interpret our lives.
So while you wait for the ball to drop, rather than talking about who is wearing what, or whether or not their defense will hold, what about talking and thinking about something important, maybe even life changing?

Who am I?
Do I have a body or does my consciousness arise from the combination of cells that is my body?
Do “I” survive the death of my physical body?
Should I believe what seems popular or strategic to believe, or can I truly think for myself and trust my direct experience?
Am I part of a larger power or intelligence than me?
If so, how do I relate to or communicate with it?
Is it separate from me?
What gives meaning to my existence?
What is my purpose and the purpose of life?
What is the nature of my connection with others?
What does it mean to love and be loved?
What do I need to be fulfilled?
What are basic human rights?
What is freedom?
Should others be able to tell me what I can exchange, ingest, or do…or should I be able to decide these things for myself.
Which is more primary in finding our way, the rights of the individual or the opinion of the majority about what’s “good for the group?”
Is our reality bounded or open?
Is the universe basically trustworthy or not?
Is there such a thing as good and evil?
What is integrity, and does it matter to the quality of life?

Of course, you could just watch football and eat more dip!
The choice, and the worldview, is yours!


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