When the Mayans are Wrong–A Pastor’s Lament!

Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the church

Pastors are panicked!  We’re all in a lurch!

The Mayans were wrong and the world did not end,

I needed a sermon, but where to begin!

The people are coming.  They do every year.

For many the only time they’ll be here!

A sermon they want, something wonderful and wise,

Something touching that might bring a tear to their eyes.

The pressure is building, “I’ll never get through!

Not only a sermon, but I’ve got shopping to do!”

Away to the files I fly with a gasp.

Perhaps there is something from a sermon long past.

I can’t move the seats, I’ve done that before

I can’t be too dense, I don’t want to bore!

Forget about Micah and Samuel and Psalms

I need something new and not very long.

And just when I’m desperate and start to despair,

When tears start to form and I can’t find much air,

My eyes catch a glimpse-it can’t be a fluke!

I go with the basics, St. John and St. Luke!

I’ll take it way back to the beginning of time,

(What if I did this sermon in rhyme?)

I’ll tell them the story of angels in air

For when all is said, that’s why they are there!

To hear about Joseph and Mary and child.

To hope that perhaps in a world that’s gone wild

Peace might be present, it might just come near,

If we hear the message, “I’ve good news, don’t fear.”

So forget about Mayan Apocalypse, Shopping

A sermon is waiting, I’ve got to get hopping.

So join us on Sunday, and Monday night too,

To see if this if the sermon is actually through.

It really won’t matter, cause nothing I say

Can capture the wonder of this Christmas Day.

It’s the story we tell!  That always is true-

God loves us all!  Merry Christmas to you!


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One response to “When the Mayans are Wrong–A Pastor’s Lament!

  1. Jerry Brooks

    Thanks Don for reminding us of the real reason to celebrate Christmas! Wishing for you and yours a wonderful celebration! Jerry Brooks-Lenoir

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