Now I Understand!

The kingdom of heaven is like a wedding banquet…”

Time and time again we hear Jesus comparing the Kingdom of God to a wedding.  There are guests, preparations, wise and silly bridesmaids.  All the things that we have in a modern day wedding, except that somehow I never quite got it.

I do a lot of weddings!  People come to Charleston from all over to get married in this beautiful-romantic city.  The scenery, the history, the beaches—all are a gorgeous setting for a wedding.

And they are so much fun!  I so love hearing the stories of how they met and fell in love;  watching the groom as his bride walks down the aisle trying hard to be macho and not cry; feeling the emotions of a father as he takes the longest walk of his life with his little girl.

I may be weird, but I enjoy weddings!

But the kingdom of God?

Sorry Jesus, I just don’t get it!

At least I didn’t until recently.

 I had the opportunity to celebrate a wedding in South Africa with Chanelle Scheepers and Roger Anderson.  Chani has become a part of our family over the past few years as she has stayed with us during the Family Circle Tennis Tournament.  A random player that was assigned to us, became a dear friend, a part of the family and invited us to be a part of her wedding.

It was so much fun!

But as we were sitting at the reception–I  listened.  There were people from literally all over the world—Afrikaans, British, Australian, Swedish, Irish, Zulu, Brazilian, American.  The cacophony of accents, the music, the laughter, the love…

So this is what he meant!

The kingdom of God is like a wedding banquet…

Now that is something to look forward to, maybe even have today!


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