A Story too good to lose

I once was told that the sign of a mature and wise preacher is one that hears a story on Thursday and doesn’t have to use it on Sunday!  Good advice!  Too often a good story can just go in a direction that the text, the sermon really isn’t heading.  it is best to leave it out!

But what do you do with the story??

If I save it I will forget it!  I know me well enough!  Thank goodness for a blog!  This won’t make my sermon this week (at least, I don’t think it will!) but it may make yours, or make your day!

There was once a little black boy who was watching the balloon man at the county fair. The man was evidently a good balloon salesman, because he allowed a red balloon to break loose and soar high up in the air, thereby attracting a crowd of prospective customers. Next he released a blue balloon, then a yellow one, and a white one. They all went soaring up into the sky until they disappeared.

The little black boy stood looking at the black balloon for a long time, then asked, “Sir, if you sent the black one up, would it go as high as the others?” The balloon man gave the kid an understanding smile. He snapped the string that held the black balloon in place and, as it soared upwards, said, “It isn’t the color, son. It’s what’s inside that makes it rise.”

What’s in your balloon?


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  1. Mother.

    Now, that was GOOD.. Thanks

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