Pier Pressure

I know it happens all the time–to teenagers.  Their so-called friends put pressure on them to do things that they know in their heart of hearts and their mind of minds that they shouldn’t…and yet, so often they do!  As adults we warn them about it all the time!

Just say no!

I just didn’t think it could happen to me…but it did.

I should have known there was something suspect when Russ Dean started whispering on the pier, “I think all the guys should ski together.”  (Now all Russ can do right now is whisper due to an issue with his voice, but still, I should have known he wasn’t up to anything good!)  Quickly John Ballenger and Jim Somerville succumbed to the siren’s call, but I tried to resist.  I even sang the old song, “Mama told not to come…that ain’t the way to have fun, NO!”  But the pressure was too great, and soon I found myself putting on skis and grabbing for the rope.

Now let me say, I can ski!  I used to do it all the time at Uncle Hugh’s lake house.  I would ski around, even slalom!  But that was when I was 18 and weighed just slightly more than the ski!  Now, I am 3 times that old and weigh…let just leave it at a bit more!

But due to Pier Pressure I was in the water waiting for young Jackson Dean (a co-conspirator with his father) to jerk us out of the water.  Russ kept telling me, “Keep your arms straight.”  “They are straight!”  Pull your knees up closer to your chest!”  “They are as close to my chest as my stomach will let them!”

But with his coaching it happened!  (Not the first time, nor the second, nor even the fifth, but it did happen!)  Here’s the proof!

It was so much fun..skimming across the water!  Laughing with my friends!  Cheering when we got back!

But today…my elbow is swollen because Jackson ripped it apart; my shoulders ache because Russ told me to hold my arms out straight; I have muscles aching that I didn’t even know I had…all because I succumbed to Pier Pressure!

May this be a lesson to you!  Just say “No!” when you friends try to convince you to do something that you know you shouldn’t!  Say no when you are tempted to believe you haven’t aged in 35 years!  Just say NO!

And keep your arms straight and your knees up close to your chest!


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