The Sermon Asked the Question

In the sermon from Sunday we heard God remind the people of Israel about unexpected consequences  (I Samuel 8:4-20)  and how often we never think about the consequences until it is too late.


Sen. Lindsey Graham says South Carolina should open its coast to offshore oil and natural gas drilling — and share in any profits from strikes of fossil fuels.

At a news conference Monday in Columbia’s Five Points, Graham, R-S.C., introduced a plan that gives South Carolina the option to allow for oil and gas exploration from 10 to 50 miles offshore…Monday’s announcement occurred at the same time big business groups released a report showing offshore drilling could create thousands of jobs and annually produce $87.5 million from sales, income and royalty taxes. The 18-page report was produced by Miley and Associates for the Palmetto Agribusiness Council, S.C. Citizens for Sound Conservation and the S.C. Energy Forum.

At a time when we continue to deal with high unemployment the lure of  thousands of jobs is tempting.  But will anyone ask, “What if…?”

Gulfport, Mississippi’s deserted beaches following the BP Oil Spill

It was not THAT long ago when the Gulf Coast watched at least one entire tourism season evaporate following the explosion and spill from a BP Oil Rig.  Anita and I saw the result first hand, as we drove down the Gulf Coast in August.  I couldn’t help wonder, “What if this happened in Myrtle Beach, in Hilton Head, in Charleston?”  What would happen to SC if suddenly an entire tourism season disappeared?

I guess we can move forward with this plan.  After all, it would bring jobs.  Maybe we can just pray that the oil companies have learned their lesson and this won’t happen again.

But shouldn’t we at least ask the question?


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  1. Chris Carnevale

    Hi Don,

    I appreciate your commentary on the current offshore drilling situation in South Carolina. We recently held the Hands Across the Sand events ( and a fair number of people turned out to voice their opinion that it is indeed not a good idea to drill offshore.

    I manage a network called the Southeast Coastal Climate Network (, which is a coalition of individuals and organizations spanning the coastal Southeast who work on or are concerned about the impacts of climate change. I’d be happy if you would like to join the network and lend your voice as a Baptist pastor. We have discussion forums, an email list, a shared calendar, and monthly webinars.


    Chris Carnevale

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