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John Ballenger is the pastor of Woodbrook Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD. I hate him!
I should explain! John is one of those savants who has the ability to read a text, read the Greek, and see things that I could never see. Even if I read the text for a year! It is gift…and it causes me to covet.
He has some good words here, and rather than copy and paste them, just read them for yourself. Paste them on your heart, and then get to work!

a preacher musing

As we now move into summer,
with its inherent expectations of rest and vacation,
a thought.
We recently considered selections from Romans 8 in worship,
including a verb in Romans 8:28 typically translated “works together”—
“all things work together ….”
That’s actually the Greek verb from which we get our word “synergy.”
So I have offered before the translation:
“Thank God there is a synergy for good for those committed to love
even within circumstances far from good.”

One significant etymological observation
with so much relevance for us:
the word “synergy” (working together)
also contains the root for our word “energy,”
itself rooted in the Greek word ergon (which means work)—
which means,
think about it,
that energy is rooted in good work,
not work in an abundance of energy.


We think, “Well, we’ll work together on the redeeming of creation
when we have some energy for that.”

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